3 Ways to Meet the Emotional Needs of Seniors

3 Ways to Meet the Emotional Needs of Seniors| HealthSoul

Even though seniors often like to keep to themselves, a lot of them are suffering in silence because of unmet emotional needs. Building friendships becomes difficult when you’re older and you can’t relate with younger people as much. Most seniors also start suffering from mobility issues, which makes meeting and connecting with new people even more difficult. Thankfully, our societies are full of resources for seniors and there are things children and extended family can do to make sure that seniors are emotionally fulfilled.

Consider Retirement Communities

If you never discussed the idea of a retirement community living with the senior in question and simply assumed that they’d rather live alone or with you, maybe you should talk to them about it. You might be surprised by their reaction.

Don’t think that sending someone to a retirement community is you “abandoning” them. Some communities can feel alienating, yes, but great ones can help boost a person’s social life by giving them the chance to be with like-minded people in a wonderful and fulfilling environment.

If you are looking for a retirement facility that focuses heavily on the social and community aspect, options such as a retirement community St Louis Hills assisted living and memory care can be helpful. Communities like these offer all sorts of activities and allow people to connect on a personal level in a convivial setting, so give them a look today and bring the senior with you to see if they would be a good fit.

Spend Quality Time with Them

Some people make the mistake of focusing on quantity vs quality when they visit their elderly parents or relatives. But you’d get better results if you saw them less often but for longer.

If you go see them multiple times a week but only spend a few minutes with them, it would be much better to go less often and spend quality time. You could have a nice dinner together where you talk about things that may be bothering them. You could also gauge whether they’re beginning to slip into depression. The more you connect with them during your visits, the more the both of you will get from them.

Encourage them to Join Local Groups

Seniors need to have a good social life if they want to remain physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. So, if you can find some sort of club in your area that fits their tastes and hobbies, you should consider enrolling them.

This could be a social club or a sports organization. Volunteering can also be a great option here. Volunteer work is one of the most fulfilling activities anyone can participate in and being able to give back and be appreciated for it as a senior will make them feel much more significant.

The emotional needs of seniors are important, and you cannot neglect them. Emotionally fulfilled seniors live healthier and longer lives, so if you feel like someone in your family is slipping away, make sure that you check on them and let them know that you’re here for them.