15 Different Marijuana Strains And Their Effects

15 Different Marijuana Strains And Their Effects | HealthSoul

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly worldwide. Due to its legalization and continuous research on its effects and benefits, there’s an increase in regular users. As demand rises, experts are constantly developing new products and strains to offer.

When you hear about marijuana strains, these terms always come up: Indica, Sativa, and hybrid. These three are the main categories determined by their effects. Indica is relaxing, Sativa is energizing, and hybrid combines both. However, these classifications are more diverse, as cannabis strains have various strong points and flavor profiles.

Here are 15 popular marijuana strains and their specific effects desired by long-term users and newbies.

1. Apple Fritter

If you’re looking for a relaxing hybrid, Apple Fritter strain is a must-try. It’s the perfect balance between Indica and Sativa since it activates your mind and relaxes your body. Most users report deep relaxation, which helps alleviate pain, stress, anxiety, and insomnia. It also has a delicious fruity flavor profile.

2. OG Kush

OG Kush is among the most popular hybrids long-term users love. It can stimulate your mind and boost creativity, bringing you into a calm, mellow state. It has a strong aroma and flavor, giving a hint of citrus and earthy taste.

3. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is among the best-selling strains. Although it’s a hybrid, it leans more toward Sativa. It provides a mood-lifting effect and elevates motivation and creativity while soothing your mind and body. This strain is also popular in medical use since it helps manage pain, anxiety, depression, and muscle spasms.

4. Black Truffle

If you want an extremely relaxing strain, Black Truffle is a definite must-try. It’s an Indica-dominant strain popular among users who struggle to fall asleep. It provides instant relaxation to your body and mind. Black Truffle’s flavor profile gives hints of coffee, lavender, and blueberry, which cannabis connoisseurs continue to love.

5. Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold is a legendary Sativa strain famous for its mind-stimulating and energizing effects. It can help relieve stress and pain and boost motivation. It has sweet, spicy, earthy, and fruity flavors and leaves a toffee-like aroma.

6. Biscotti

Biscotti is another popular Indica-dominant hybrid that provides unmatched relaxation. It’s also known for its high potency and dreamy effect that lulls smokers into a good night’s sleep. It has a sweet, earthy flavor with a subtle diesel aroma.

7. Granddaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple is one of the best options if you’re looking for a dreamy strain that also boosts your appetite. It’s an Indica-leaning strain that’s good for deep relaxation and sleep. It has a fruity flavor with hints of blueberry, cherry, grape, and moderate spice.

15 Different Marijuana Strains And Their Effects - Post | HealthSoul

8. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is another strain well-known for its relaxing and sleep-inducing effects. It can help provide instant stress and pain relief. It has a sweet, earthy taste and a rich aroma with hints of cocoa and coffee.

9. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a Sativa-dominant strain that offers mind-stimulating and creativity-boosting effects. It can help elevate your mood and increase your motivation, making it perfect for morning consumption to kickstart your day. From its name, it has a sweet citrusy taste, like lemon, with notes of diesel aroma.

10. Gelato

Gelato is known for its high THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content, which is perfect for users looking for an elevated experience. It’s among the best-selling weed strains today due to its instant and intense high followed by relaxing effects. It has a sweet, citrusy, earthy flavor with hints of pepper and a subtle creamy aftertaste.

11. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the purest Indica strains, well-known for its deeply relaxing effects. Medical cannabis users report its relief for depression, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. It can also help boost appetite. It has a complex earthy flavor with a hint of citrus.

12. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is a mood-uplifting and energy-inducing strain, made more popular by a comedy movie in 2008. This Sativa-dominant strain can offer a euphoric and relaxing sensation. It can also make you feel giggly, chatty, and joyful. Its flavor is defined by a combination of pineapple, cedar, and pine, with a fruity aroma.

13. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is another well-known Sativa strain with a mood-lifting and energizing effect. It’s also helpful for relieving stress, pain, and nausea. This strain has a complex flavor and aroma, giving hints of menthol, sweet pine, and sweet citrus.

14. White Widow

This hybrid gives both relaxing and energizing effects. White Widow can help treat anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain due to its high THC content with a bit of CBD (cannabidiol). It has a woody, fruity, and earthy taste and aroma.

15. LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake produces a relaxing and euphoric sensation from the head down to the body. This Indica-dominant strain is a perfect mood-lifter since it makes you calm and blissful. It has an earthy, herbal flavor with hints of vanilla, citrus, and peppermint.


The effects of these cannabis strains may differ depending on your mind and body’s interaction with the cannabinoids. The best way to find the right one is to try them yourself.